Photography Services in Eastern Kansas

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What You Will Need
– Cleaning Supplies to maintain a clean car.
– Something to keep you comfortable - chair, water, something to read or do.

Please be Respectful!
I will ask that you please follow the laws for the neighborhood we will be in before, during and at the end of the photoshoot. Please drive responsibly before and after the shoot. We are here to honor your ride and to show it off in a courteous and respectful manner.

You may be asked to sign a property release to allow the photographer to use your images. All images will remain copyright of Sean Williams Photography.

Other Available Items

Additional Prints can be ordered of any of the shots in your edited set. Please inquire for pricing.

Merchandise such as hats, totes, coffee mugs, and mouse pads are available with your favorite shot printed on them.

Custom Designed T-shirts are also available. Artwork will be created specifically for your car and you can wear your car on your back or on your chest. Brand specific signage or logos can be incorporated into the artwork to make your shirt a conversation starter wherever you go.

Car Photoshoot Package - $349.00

     Complete Photo session with your car.

Automotive Photoshoots are one of my favorite things to shoot. I have had many cars over my lifetime that I always wish I had taken more picture of when I had them. Here is your opportunity to preserve the memories, the condition of your favorite ride, and even track the progress of your project as you go. Everybody has a favorite car with their favorite details. I would be honored to be able to help you preserve those memories. A complete photoshoot will cover the exterior of the car, the interior and all the many details, the engine compartment, and other highlights that make your pride and joy your pride and joy.

For $349.00 you will receive:
     * A 2 - 3 hour photoshoot at a location or locations of your choosing, I can help with locations, if necessary.
     * A complete set of watermarked digital images of all the edited pictures - the exterior, the engine
         compartment, interior, and all the little details that make your car special. Post your
         pictures to your social media, share your pride and joy with your friends!
     * An 11" x 14" print of your ride, suitable for framing and hanging at the office, or in the
     * Minor edits will be included to ensure your ride looks its best.
     * Models can be requested to add some charm to your pictures. Add a Pin-Up to your
         pictures! (Additional Charges may apply).
     * Special requests are OK. Want pictures of your car in motion? You behind the wheel? That can be arranged.